Stars FUN! Indoor Track & Field Meet Saturday, March 12th at St Vincent-St Mary High School

Highlights from the STARS Indoor Track Championship held at St Vincent-St. Mary High School on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

STARS Totally Inclusive Sports and Head Coach Dan Lancianese would like to invite all kids ages 5 to 14 to join us on Saturday, March 12th as we have a friendly and fun indoor track and field competition where we will be running, jumping and throwing!

Join us for our STARS FUN! Indoor Track Meet on Saturday, March 12th. You must sign up in advance in order to participate!

For Who?  We invite any boy or girl between the ages of 5 and 14 to join us for this program.  No previous experience needed, just a desire to learn and have fun!  

When and Where Is the Stars FUN! Indoor Track Meet?  We will be meeting on Saturday, March 12th at St Vincent-St Mary High School which is located at 15 N. Maple Street in Akron. Check in and warm ups begin at 9am. Our friendly competition will start at 9:30am.

What are the events and what order will we do them? Please see the list of events located on the bottom portion of this page for all the details!

Do we have to sign up in advance?  Yes, you must register your children in advance so that we may have the proper amount of materials available to have our friendly competition. SORRY NO SAME DAY SIGN UPS.

How To Register? Registration is easy and conveniently done online.  Just click on the Register Now button below to secure your spot!   You may also register by mail by filling out the downloadable form (below) and mailing your registration with a check.

For more information:  Contact Coach Dan Lancianese by email at or call (330) 352-5602.

To download the register by mail form, please CLICK HERE



9:30 – 10:30 am:         60 m dash (all age groups 2 sides of the track)

10:30 – 11:30 am:  standing long jump (8 and under & 9/10 males first followed by females);   mini jav (8 and under & 9/10 females first followed by males);  400 meter dash (11/12 & 13/14)

11:30 – 12:30 pm:  standing long jump (11/12 & 13/14 males first followed by females);  mini jav (11/12 & 13/14 females first followed by males)  400 meter dash (8 and under & 9/10)

12:30 pm                     800 m run (11/12)
                                    1600 m run (13/14)

1:15 pm                       AWARDS PRESENTATION

Cost is $30.00

Athletes will participate in 4/5 events each.

Events per divisions:

(8 and under; 9/10) 4 events: 60 m dash, 400 m dash, standing long jump, mini javelin

(11/12; 13/14) 5 events; 60 m dash, 400 m dash, 800 m run (11/12), 1600 m run (13/14), standing long jump, mini javelin

Awards based on final rankings from all events. Awards given to the top 16 in each age division and gender.